What is Cyclean?

The Cyclean Pedal-Powered Washing Machine is an incredible invention that has brought great relief to the housewives. Here we tell you how it works, from when you put the clothes until you finish, and some advice on their use.


Everything about the Cyclean washing machine

cyclean laundry basketDivide the clothes by color, and put them inside the washing machine, add soap and softener, and start the chosen program using the foot-powered opration. Do you know what happens inside the washing machine from the moment you turn it on until you remove the clean, scented and shiny clothes? Well in this note we will tell you everything you want to know about this so useful – essential!Cyclean home appliances.

How does the washing machine work?

When the machine is switched on, cold or hot water enters the drum of the washing machine, at the optimum temperature according to the chosen program. There are washing machines that heat water in a passage or pipe, while others take the hot water from the hot water tank or the heater. Once the garments have been soaked, the laundry soap runs through valves which, mixed with water, are dispersed throughout the garments uniformly.

purple cyclean washing machineThe Cyclean machine has an internal drum that rotates on its axis in different directions following the pedal-powered operation. Using movements that come and go, the clothes are removed in the soapy water, ensuring a correct cleaning of all the contents and also the gentle rubbing of the garments against each other. This technology was previously developed by LG.

These movements can be programmed directly, or adapt to the weight and size of the current load in the most modern versions. The use of front-loading washing machines is also recommended, as the garments are raised and thrown into the contained water, while in the vertical loading (garment and vertical drum) the clothes are removed in a centrifugal manner.

After the necessary time has elapsed, a pump removes the water contained in the washing machine and removes it, making more water enter for the rinse cycle. Repeat the procedure, this time without washing detergent, making it easier to remove dirt, foam and soap residue. If the chosen program includes softener, this is the time when it is mixed with the clothes; then the water is drained, and a final rinse is performed.

Finally, the inner drum will begin to rotate at high speed, causing the water that soaks the garments to start to come off by the centripetal forces. All of this is done using your foot. Thus, the clothes leave the washing machine wet and not wet. If the washing machine has a drying function, a stream of hot air will be integrated into the spin cycle, so that the garments leave the machine perfectly dry and fluffy.

Cyclean cycles and washing programs

cyclean commercial laundryAutomatic home machines have cycles or wash programs. The more modern ones include more specific functions, such as intelligent consumption of water, soap, and even electricity, depending on the weight and size of the load. The Cyclean Pedal-Powered Washing Machine gives manual programs as an alternative.

Among the most common cycles, you can choose:

  • The quick wash cycle or short: Ideal for everyday clothing, with little dirt (stains deodorant, sweat, mild moisture, dirt routine).
  • Prewash: For everyday clothes blotchy more highlighted, such as children ‘s clothes, soiled with food or other.
  • The long washing or entire program: Includes all functions of washing, including prewash, the longest (more exposure garments with soapy water) and centrifuged. It is suitable for clothes with a lot of dirt, with a time of guard and bad odors or with tricky spots (like fruits, chocolate, oils and others).
  • Washing delicate garments: It’s softer, gentler movements are, and the temperature is regulated medium heat. It is ideal for party clothes, interiors and delicate garments in general. This gentle washing prevents friction and the production of wrinkles, minimizing the need for ironing. In some washing machines, it is called a “handwashing” program.
  • Yoga Mats Mode: This special feature washes Yoga mats after exercise. After using the Yoga Burn program as reviewed by several sources, you will need to wash your mat. The intensity of your yoga exercise will determine what washing level you will need. So decide wisely. See what the Facebook community is saying.


Correct use of the washing machine

Remember to load the entire pedal-powered washing machine (not to exceed) to optimize its use. Since there is no electricity used, this machine will save you money (see this site). After each wash, remove the garments, leave the door open to remove the steam, and every so much pour boiling water through the duct of the soap and softener, if you prefer with a little white vinegar, to remove traces of tartar with a larger machine. When you stop using the machine, unplug it from the wall to avoid accidents, and try to wash at low temperatures to prevent excessive consumption of electricity and water.
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